The RAM-B-189-PIV1-TAB20-ALA1_KRU consists of a dual articulating 3.3" twist lock suction cup base, double socket arm, and universal Tab-Tite cradle for 10" Tablets. The dual articulating suction cup base is an amazing innovation in suction cup mounting. With the ability to independently articulate each suction cup, this mounting base can be used in a variety of applications such as curved windows and surfaces. The Tab-Tite cradle is compatible with any tablet that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your tablet when determining the overall size.

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RAM-B-189-PIV1-TAB20-ALA1-KRU - RAM© Tab-Tite&trade with RAM© Twist-Lock&trade Dual Suction for Tablets with Cases

  • Производитель: RAM MOUNTS
  • Модель: RAM-B-189-PIV1-TAB20-ALA1-KRU
  • Артикул: 3918
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • Вес: 930
  • 29532 ₽